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From deep in the Members Live Commentary sample (AESTime):2015 19th January 9:55am looking at this with fresh eyes I see the run in the XGD will continue and gold is still heading up now it broke resistance. The run is going to last possibly into the end of the first week of February and a lot can happen in that time frame…  Individual stocks will run further I am going to start to re-enter for this last few weeks – the entry missed was last week. There is more risk now but that is manageable due to the extended upside.
It is possible the XGD may test the 3000 level however it may also chop upwards towards the 2730 area. Gold looks like it will run up and test the 1320 area soon. It may pass through that – be warned longer term though – I do not expect that gold has actually turned yet – this year is going to be unruly to say the least.
NOTE: the top was 2730.2 on March 2nd barely breaching that during the April and May highs.  It did not breach the 2730 area.
This was an intra-day guidance comment on gold only, these predictions are based on short term systems and often apply to gold stocks as well.  The blog is updated regularly featuring varying education to back up independent Newsletter information and news.
The GoldOz long term gold model has been broadly accurate since April 2013 warning clients of the long correction that has transpired and why that would occur.  We have been a rarity in terms of accuracy ever since. We do not make that model public it is for Members only.

Neil has tracked this gold rally from the beginning in 2001 and invested in silver since the second half of 2003. Click here to find out more about Goldoz.

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